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Originally Posted by FDPDK View Post
yuen andy , welcome to AA
1. Thank you.

2. Hi all,

You might be interested in this review of the EMM Labs MTRX2s by Doug Schneider (EMM Labs MTRX2 Mono Amplifiers, SoundStage! Hi-Fi, 01 January 2019). He wrote: "But at this point I had to remind myself that there was more at play here than the MTRX2s -- the Pre and DA2 Reference were up front. But still -- all that Meitner gear could map soundstages like crazy." His conclusion: "The EMM Labs MTRX2 monos are the best-sounding amplifiers Iíve ever heard."

3. Phishphan in AudioShark forums (October 13, 2018) says: "Iím in the hunt for a new DAC and had the opportunity to hear the DA2 today at the house of a fellow audiophile. I sold the guy my Esoteric Grandioso K1 a few months back and got to be friends with him. We were chatting about my search, and he told me I HAD to come hear his newest piece of gear. The rest of the system was a Ayre preamp, KEF Blades powered by boulder 2060 amp, and the DA2 was fed by a Mac mini tricked out by a company called ďyour final systemĒ... no clue who they are. It was kind of a hodgepodge of brands, but this guy seems to rotate out gear like I change socks.

I was completely floored at how amazing the DA2 sounded. We spent about an couple hours playing around with his collection of high end DACs and transports, and I can tell you nothing sounded even as good as the DA2. Even my old K1 sounded downright flat and 2D compared to the wall to wall semi circle of sound the DA2 created. The depth and placement was simply incredible. The closest any of his gear came to the DA2 was a dCS Vivaldi DAC with the Upsampler, which has a price tag of over double the DA2. He also had an MSB DAC V, that seemed to excel in mid range and bass, but was too bright sounding.

We listened to a few Medeski, Martin & Wood tracks that made my jaw drop. The bass line was so clear and detailed, the drums had a air around them Iíve never experienced before. Then I put on my favorite test track, Bela Fleck and The Flecktones - Sinister Minister from the Live Art album. I always find Victor Wootenís bass solo to be a workout for a system. The DA2 handled it flawlessly.

EMM wasnít even on my radar until today, as Iíve been thinking MSB. That changed today. The EMM is at the top of my short list, and I may end up going that direction."
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