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Originally Posted by Toccata View Post
These speakers are on my short list to audition. I know rooms vary, but in general, how far away do they need to be from the rear wall? I doubt my wife would want them sitting way out in the room, so I figure 18" is about as far as I can get away with.
They are a smaller speaker and I think Wilson did design them to use that back wall a little. Of course each room is different, here is the manual.

After your wife watches the dealer spend 4 hours moving the speaker 1/2 inch at time to get the perfect sound she might feel guilty about wanting to move their placement.

Or maybe not.

If you get an in home demo, they dealer will set them up where they need to be and if she's not happy with the placement no matter how friggin' awesome they sound I guess you have to look at another speaker.
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