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Originally Posted by mcpaf76 View Post
Just to add my personal experience, my new Ma252 is dead silent, ear to speakers, with a silent test track playing 100% volume. I will keep an eye on it for this hum.
Originally Posted by gabor View Post
I emailed McIntosh about this.Their answer is that it is to be expected with tubes running the pre amp functions....anyway I have this in my system but you have to place your ear within a centimeter of the active speaker drivers.

Originally Posted by TAliyev View Post
I also have buzzing MA252.... Speakers emit 60Hz buzz even when volume is set to 0%.
Moving volume to 100% just adds extra low "Shhh", but the buzz is still there...
I have Panamax M5300 to filter AC noise and Emotiva CMX-2 to block possible DC.. Still buzz... Not very loud, you have to be within 1-2 feet from speakers to hear it, but it is there..always...
Sounds like McIntosh has a QC problem with this line. How are they letting those units out the door? For them to reply via email that a hum/buzz is to be expected (just the nature of tubes) is a blow off statement IMHO.

I feel bad for the members who trusted the brand and then have to put up with that annoyance. If it were me, I would have sent the unit back ASAP and demanded either a non-buzzing unit or a refund.
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