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Originally Posted by doggiehowser View Post
I was told the Master 2 is basically a Momentum with a low(er) rent chassis.

Which makes it remarkably great value.

A flick of a switch makes it a 1000W mono block

The same source said the Progression is a more conventional architecture - not the one in the Momentum.
Who is the source? Dealer or manufacturer?

Besides the copper and aluminium differences they are different in the fact that the Progression uses a single ended driver stage versus the Momentum's complimentary driver stage. This straight from Bill McKiegan whom I spoke to before replying to this. He did agree with your statement of the Progression being more "traditional" as the Momentum was designed to work and sound fantastic in a compact package. They also have different transformer windings for all three amps. In my opinion the Progression is much closer in sound to the Momentum than the Master Power as it shares some of the ideas trickled down from the Momentum amplifier. The Master Power is the "entry level" (gateway drug)!
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