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I heard it with Kef Ref 5s and SF Serafinos the other day. Compared it with MC275 amp in stereo doing A/B ing back and forth. The salesperson and I kind of liked the Mac on either speaker. Just a tube preference really I think.
Full disclosure, I was there looking for speakers, so not as focused on the amp, but we both liked the two speakers with the Macs.
Warmer, better mids and similar highs. Bass was all you could want on both amps.
Room was not ideal as dealer is really a high end custom installer, but the speakers were set up as per the SF protocol. The salesmen was a real pro and had been doing this for 30 years. Always a pleasure to work with someone who could teach you and not the other way around.
Don't get me wrong, the Dag was a very fine amp, just different sound. I could see them in a theater situation being fantastic. Gobs of power and plenty of current.
They were using a Mac pre, but did not get the model number. I asked what speaker cables, but being 67 comes with some drawbacks. What you ask, I don't know, I forget!

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