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Originally Posted by doggiehowser View Post
I was told the Master 2 is basically a Momentum with a low(er) rent chassis.

Which makes it remarkably great value.

A flick of a switch makes it a 1000W mono block

The same source said the Progression is a more conventional architecture - not the one in the Momentum.
That doesn't make much sense. So, Dan spends all that time and money developing the Momentum and then scraps the topology to spend more time and money on another design, only to then go back to his original design for the lowest product in the range.

That's not generally how a business works. First, you build a halo product - in this case, the Momentum. Then you decrease costs for casing, use cheaper components and decrease complexity as you go down the chain so there's a consistent family "sound" and you are not reinventing the wheel along the way. This ensures that (1) your R&D spend efficiency is maximized (2) you can release products of lower lines within reasonable time frames to capitalize on the halo product hype and (3) maximizes the chances of a customer staying with the company as they move up the chain since it's more of what the customer already likes as he moves up the chain.
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