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Originally Posted by djcxxx View Post
On a forum for high end audio equipment the question of how much money can be asked for a given piece of equipment is effectively moot, since participating members have already, to varying degrees, accepted a level of cost far above what the vast majority of people would consider reasonable. This was true when people listened to transistor pocket radios on AM and today when people listen on iPhones.

That goes for any luxury goods. Does anyone really need an $8M Bugatti Centodieci when a Veyron was $1.5M?

Does anyone really need a $50M house on the water in South Florida? When there are rather nice examples for $10M?

Does anyone really need a $100k DAC when the ones for $2.5k are excellent and one would be hard pressed to ever tell a difference between them...

God bless excess and capitalism. Enjoy it while it lasts as the alternatives to capitalism will be far less enjoyable.

No one will be happy when they come to take and redistribute the excess wealth by force, like they have in the past revolutions.

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