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Originally Posted by Weirdcuba View Post
Great photos and likely a great sounding system. Stillpoints are expensive, but can be used with any component (although sometimes they don’t produce positive effects, I have found that to be rare).

Thanks. The system is really enjoyable. The Vandersteen speakers in particular reliably satisfy, whether playing a highly compressed modern pop recording or something far more dynamic. Their integrated powered subwoofers dig pretty deep when called for by the source material, which can be thrilling.

My subjective observation, thus far, is that using Stillpoints modestly improves deep bass performance in my room, but more importantly aids in presenting harmonics above the fundamental more clearly. Instruments (including voices) simply sound more interesting and tonally complex than before, which is fun to experience especially when listening to familiar recordings.

Stillpoints are friggin’ expensive, yes. [emoji1385]
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