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Thumbs up First Experience - Stillpoints Ultra

Hello! Partially inspired by the benefits of adding multiple Stillpoints Aperture acoustic panels to my two-channel audio room, I recently worked with Masterlu to acquire my first sets of Stillpoints Ultra filters as follows:

Ultra SS
Speakers: Vandersteen Quatro Wood CT
Power Amplifier: Balanced Audio Technology (BAT) VK-255SE
Preamplifier: BAT VK-33SE

Ultra Mini
DAC: PS Audio DirectStream Junior
Streamer: Auralice Aries G2

Each of the Ultra SS and Ultra Mini is beautifully machined and exudes quality. I used Stillpoints adapters to thread each set of Ultra SS into the speakers and amplifiers, replacing the stock cones, spikes and footers. I placed the Ultra Mini under the DAC and streamer with a goal of locating filters underneath power supplies and critical circuit boards.

I am still acclimating to the newly improved sound of my audio system with Stillpoints Ultra filters installed; however, my initial impressions are highly positive. The effect reminds me of my days (years ago) at the mixing console sculpting the sound of instruments competing in overlapping frequency bands, ultimately achieving communication of a distinct and realistic sounding space in the mix for each instrument (when desired), discernible at even low volume levels. With the Stillpoints Ultra installed, my perception of instruments etched in the soundstage is increased, with no frequency band favored. My sense is that certain distortions are mitigated by the Stillpoints Ultra, allowing me to perceive closer to the whole of each instrument's timbre, transients, fundamental pitch and other harmonics (including changes in each over the course of a musical passage). Very impressive. Music has never sounded so good in my listening room.

Thanks to Masterlu for his guidance with product selection and great service.

Some pictures:
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