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Originally Posted by Bluemcintosh View Post
Thank you for reply and that's good to know. Were they sound musical to your ears ? Or more like audiophile sounds ? I had the DeVore 3XL and it sounded little too much detail to my ears and hoping the O/96 is more musical speakers.
Paul, yes, they were big musical that night paired with the ARC gear and a full spec Linn TT. At the same time, they are still a very resolving speaker. Very detailed, but very well balanced. The demo was in a nice sized room and for the most part, the volume levels were higher than usual. In between, with lower volume, they still delivered music. The 0/96s took it all in stride. They play larger than their size might suggest. I can't comment regarding the 3XL. Based on your comments, you might also want to audition the new Gibbon X. They have a different presence and depending on the room, might give you something to compare.

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