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Default This is a very wonderful BD player


I just upgrade my BD player I the picture and sound quality is very very
impressive on big screen.
My target is the best video+sound performance out of HDMI playing BD disc.
I don't care much about other function.
this new player is Pioneer BDP LX58, I think in USA it is Elite 85FD ?
It is so good that just a day after purchase this, I order one more BDP LX88
(or 88FD). Both are pretty cheap in my country.
I have used Oppo 83,93,103 before. Oppo have very good OSD and quicker to read disc TOC. 103 video performance is much better than 83. but later
due to Cinavia problem I sold 103 and got used 93 with original FW instead.
I want to save 93 to work as long as possible so I was looking for new BD
player to play disc that doesn't need 93.
It took me hours to choose between Pioneer 58 or 88. But finally I bought one of each.
For me who only care hdmi performance picture and sound. only benefit I will get from using 88 is a more solid chassis. and anti vibration stuffs.
those extra power supply and analog board will not be used.

So I confirm again that Pioneer BDP LX58 provide a better video/audio performance from HDMI output than my previous Oppo 93.

PS. I use Shunyata Alpha digital as power cord and AQ Diamond HDMI cable
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