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I am not warm and fuzzy about Bose collecting information on it's listeners. I do not have a set of their wireless headphones. But, I do use Roon. They collect information about my NAS musical contents (and other info?) to help curate music for me. Ditto Tidal. And would you really be surprised if the radio in modern cars collects and transmits information about our driving habits, musical tastes and favorite sports teams. I am not condoning it, I just think it is becoming an Orwellian way of life.
I try to minimize data collection on my habits and I do try to protect my privacy, but this is increasingly becoming a fantasy, I am afraid. ISP's, cell phone carriers, satellite TV providers, search engines, cable TV and apps are all quantifying our lives. Add to it Fitbits, Garmin devices, Sleep Number Beds and you don't even have privacy when you are sleeping. At some point I will need to decide for myself how much energy I am willing to expend to protect all this information and really decide whether I am willing to die on that hill. Until then, I will enjoy Roon/Tidal, sleep on my bed, use my fitbit and drive however I damn well please.
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