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I'm using the Bridge II and never noticed a difference in sound quality with all the Snowmass versions up to 3.0.5............just enjoying the music.

A/V Processor: McIntosh MX-150. Amps: McIntosh MC207. Digital Sources: PS Audio DirectStream DAC, Bridge II, sonicTransporter i7 w/Roon, Oppo UDP-205. Phono Preamp: Gold Note PH-10. Analog Sources: Gold Note Pianosa, Donatello Gold. Speakers: Sonus faber Cremona Auditor M, Sonus faber Cremona Center M, Sonus Faber Wall Domus, JL Audio e112 Sub. Wires: DIY Speaker Cable Furez FZ102AS 10-2, Blue Jeans Cable LC-1 Audio Cables, Belden 1800F XLR, Monoprice HDMI and Power Cords. Power: PS Audio Quintet, Duet, Emotiva CMX-2.
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