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"Just received my TAS. I am looking forward to reading in detail about the Hall of Fame inductees. I wonder if MF will buy an XVX? I came very close to buying an XLF as my final reference speaker. I am so glad I didn't. It would have been very easy. While not a mistake because it is a very fine speaker it would have precluded my XVX purchase. I would much prefer the XVX which will be my final speaker. Mikey must be absolutely dizzy by what Daryl is doing at Wilson.

He's probably thinking, "I bought an XLF, then an Alexx, now I got to buy one of these things (XVX)?? I've already mortgaged my house twice!" Although reviewers make a nice salary and receive a big discount he has climbed every rung of the ladder. That's expensive. I don't mean to gloat. Ok, I am gloating just a little, so spank me.

It will be interesting to see his response to the XVX. It's not that my/his Alexx is not a great speaker. It is. For me I can't find a flaw and I can usually spot flaws fairly quickly, some much quicker than others. But I always dreamed of owning a true reference speaker and now I will own one from the most iconic of all speaker manufacturers. Things have turned out well for me. When I first learned of the XVX and read about it I was smitten. I have never and I mean never been so smitten by a speaker. The last time I can remember feeling anything like this was when my Genesis II's arrived from Atlanta with the huge subwoofers and ribbon mid and tweeter panels. The subs were about 400 lbs a piece. Although an extremely flawed speaker I loved it and kept it for nearly 10 years. However, I paid a whopping 30 grand for the Gen II's. They were a tremendous value and I got to know Arnie Nudell and Paul McGowan. I wound up purchasing an additional sub amp to get better control of the subs. The Gen II's had a slightly older version of the circular ribbon tweeter than the 200's that quickly replaced them but I liked the 12" woofers so much better than the 8" that came with the 200.

With my XVX I get the top of the Wilson line including the MK5 tweeter, which I always seem to have somehow missed in the past. The Alexx uses a CST MK3. I don't think this amounts to a hill of beans. It is like what happened to me with the II's vs the 200's but still, when you pay this type money, you want the most current drivers. I have been waiting for a speaker like the XVX all my life. Hope you are doing well. There are so many excellent articles in this issue it will take me several weeks to read them. Then I'll shoot you another email.


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