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Default McIntosh for Burmester

I just recently auditioned a 909 MK5, a 111 Music Center/Pre Amp, and a 948 Line Conditioner with the Sonus Faber Aida speakers. My current system includes the Aida's with the McIntosh C1000 Pre Amp, 1.2 KW Amps, and the 1500 Line Conditioners. In my opinion, the Burmester gear took everything I love about my Mac gear and elevated it to another level. There was a deeper and broader soundstage, more of what I call "liveness," detail was particularly enhanced, and the bass became tighter. A good analogy for the listening experience would be to describe it as watching a master painter make each brush stroke in the process of building a masterpiece. In essence, a move from McIntosh to Burmester would be equivalent to the difference between remarkable and exemplary. Both are outstanding. Similar to my experiences with McIntosh, I found myself totally enthralled by the experience and actually applauding from time to time. Both McIntosh and Burmester are immensely enjoyable. I am truly fortunate!!
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