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Originally Posted by Bob Bubeck View Post
While still at Cornell in 1974-75 I put together what I would call my first complete "hi-end" stereo consisting of a Dayton Wright SPM preamp, an ESS 100 stereo power amp, ESS Heil AMT-5 speakers, an ERA turntable fitted with a Transcriptors Vestigial tonearm (slightly modified) with an ADC XLM cartridge. The AMT-5's were the first hi-end purchase that led to the rest with the ESS 100 being a good sounding match with the Heils.

Sounded awful good to me at the time.

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Hi Bob - Fellow Cornellian (graduated in '80's) - a Yamaha RX-500, Boston Acoustic Speakers, and a Magnavox CDB-650 CD player - shortly after graduating and getting my first job. I didn't like working too much so went to grad school but kept the gear for 10+ years. Good times.
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