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Originally Posted by Vintage Pete View Post
I'll just chime in and say that, having now owned both the Oppo BDP-105D and the BDP-103 for a few months now, that the video and audio performance of both machines is stellar. Then of course there is the automatic updating setup with the Oppo players, which is tough to beat.

Just my $.02 worth, FWIW.
Oppo makes good players, for sure. I have an original BDP-83 which I use as a secondary player, straight to the TV. It loads faster than my Pioneer 09FD, which is nice but not a major advantage (to me). The 83 went out for repair once, and Oppo's customer service was quite good in taking care of the problem as I recall. I never tried the 83 through my stereo so no comment on its audio, but picture-wise I prefer the 09 by a small margin; it looked a bit richer. As for the latest players, the 105 is less expensive than the 88, and is praised widely (deservedly so, from what I read). Unless you count the new McIntosh, Oppo and Pioneer are the only ones making super-players. The 105 is an outstanding performer and a good deal.

I suppose it comes down to what one desires, values, and the setup one has. If I had a multi-channel setup, it would be the 105 hands down. Yet, I like the idea of a dedicated 2-channel player and the Pioneer 88 appeals to me for that reason. It's also got a sleek, elegant look and good reviews. Which player I would buy ultimately (if either) isn't clear, but I admit leaning toward the 88. For now.
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