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Originally Posted by Vintage Pete View Post
What Howard said, plus one. It really does look "right". I like it.
Pete.......Thank you. The improvement in bass dimension is a nice treat. I was listening to Dan Seigel earlier, and the acoustic bass was right in the middle of the room and just behind the piano. Very three dimensional presentation.

I think tomorrow I may recalibrate the Fathom to the room. Although I don't think I lost anything by raising the sub, I believe the existing sub curve stored in the Fathom's memory may benefit from new measurements. To my way of thinking, the seven inch elevation achieved by the new subwoofer stand would impact the computed curve in the same manner as if I had moved the sub seven inches one way or the other at floor level. It may or may not prove to be an advantage over what I am hearing right now, but curiosity drives me to see and hear what a new calibration curve might produce with the new subwoofer elevation.

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