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Default 3D tone arm

Originally Posted by Timobi View Post
Hey Guys...I am having an issue with Low Frequency rumble. I own a VPI classic signature. Just purchased some platforms from Symposium Acoustics. The rumble didn't appear until after getting the platforms. I use one for my MC452 and C2600 as well.

Placing the TT directly on my wood console is fine.

I was having that issue with my Aries 3x3. My TT is on a 3.5" platform supported by isoblocks on top of my component stand. I first tried the KAB RF-1 rumble filter but I soon felt it was introducing noise to the system. I then moved my setup around, got the sub away from the TT and that helped quite a bit. One item that was brought to my attention on the VPI forum was the way the arm is setup. When I bought my TT I had the dealer set up the arm. I have since become more comfortable with the design of the 3D arm and arm board that I now do my own tweaking and checking on specs. I feel 50% of my issue was the way arm was initially setup. The base of the female bearing cup the uni-pivot fits into needs to be no further than 1/4" from top of the arm boards. The stability of the arm is compromised if the gap is larger than 1/4". I would first check your arm for this critical step. If your gap is too large you can adjust it by using an allen wrench on the adjustment nut through the top of the arm above the pivot point CCW turn will lower the cup. Once you adjust for the correct gap between base of bearing cup/tone arm and top of arm board then using the on-the-fly VTA adjustment raise your arm board until arm is parallel with LP surface. This will get you in the ball park for a starting point for VTA adjustment. My Cadenza Black gets good results with the tail of the tone arm just a bit high. Pic attached is of tone arm prior to lowering down closer to arm board.
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