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Originally Posted by Timobi View Post
Hey Guys...I am having an issue with Low Frequency rumble. I own a VPI classic signature. Just purchased some platforms from Symposium Acoustics. The rumble didn't appear until after getting the platforms. I use one for my MC452 and C2600 as well.

Placing the TT directly on my wood console is fine.

Hmmmmm....I wouldn't think it's the Symposium products. I have a Segue ISO under my Classic Signature and it worked wonders. I had my table sitting directly on the top shelf of my maple the table was quiet, but if you walked with a purpose or tapped the rack at all, you would get feedback through the interconnects/table. The Symposium product solved the problem 100%. It's all dead quiet now. Would you be able to post some pictures of the setup? That may help us see what's going on and give some more ideas.

- Buck
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