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If a ball is struck to a deep fielder on the ground then there is normally time for one or two runs, like a base hit in base ball, sometimes he will run two bases, on occasion three, except the two batsmen run up and down touching their bats down behind the batting line each time in parallel to score a run for the guy who has just hit the ball. If one or three runs are scored then the 'at bat' situation will swap around, the 'at bat' will stay the same person if 2,4, or 6 runs are scored by a shot played. After a six ball over the 'pitching' changes and another bowler runs in from the opposite end, so two 'pitchers' can work in tandem doing alternate overs of six 'pitches' until there is a pitching change if one pitcher get's hammered by the batsmen or one or both pitchers are doing a good job and need a rest, or the captain thinks the pitch conditions and/or the batsman are vulnerable to spin bowling/pitching. A bowler doesn't have to be super fast if he is accurate with the line and length of his bowling. There are many changes to the fielding positions as well based on the batters main zone of striking the ball, if he is a lefty, and the pitcher and captains view of the game at that time.
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