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Default Innovation Compact on order.

Pardon me if i stumble over my words but my adrenaline level has been off the charts the past week or so. I've been on a audiophile high and its been hard to come back down to to earth.
First, I purchased new speakers and now In just in the last few days place an order with Ivan,for an Innovaton Compact Wood w /9 in. Universal w/vta adjustment,Platter ring and a few more goodies.
It was the demo for the Magico's that sold me on the Clearaudio as they had a Innovation with a Goldfinger cart. spinning some Dave Brubeck . Man! was it good! Talk about palpable reach out and touch reproduction. This is what high end analog is all about! Where have I been all this time, under a frickin rock? (I guess you can tell I don't get out to audio shows very much)

Anyway, It didn't take very long for me to decide that its about time I put on the big boy analog pants and see if my budget could squeeze out something near to what I heard at that demo, because i had to have it.
I think getting the Clearaudio is on par and will make at least as equal an impact,sound wise, as the Magico purchase, after all its the front-end that really matters most. ( you know...gargage in-garbage out)
This purchase will complete the analog circle for me and I'm really pleased to be joining the ranks of satisfied Clearaudio users. I finally get it...and its not to late. (Thank you,Lord!)
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