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Default Montille - original tubes


After getting an Aurieges few months back, one week ago I have managed to get a Montille to pair it with. The Montille was bought as "ex-demo" from an European online store (can't really be a dealer considering the RoHs regulations, I guess). They told me the Montille is 7 years old and has seen about 5-6 month of functioning.
Now, this morning I decided to have a look at the tubes and found all EL84 to be Sovtek made in Russia. To me it is hard to believe these are the originals that Shindo have shipped with.
The other two tubes (in front) are 6AW8A but can't really read any mark name. One of those is quite smokey-black, wondering if it got towards the end of its life.

So, I was wondering if anyone knows what the original tubes for Montille EL84 would be, then I will start looking to buy those on Internet (hopefully they are not un-obtainium).


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