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In my mechanical room is all my incoming internet, Cat 5 and more so it only made sense to move the Mac Mini where before it was adjacent to the DAC with the addition of the Aurender.

And now since the Mini has been relocated into the Mechanical room, I have added a monitor, keyboard, mouse and Time Capsule with an external drive.

I now rip CD’s to the Mini with its outboard disc drive and/or download hi res tracks from the internet.

From there, I copy music to the Aurender keeping music now in two places as backup - this is where the monitor and keyboard come in handy plus out of site from my sound system not dealing with noise factor and the unrelated visual aspect.

I also was backing up the Mac Mini to Time Capsule, but T/C sees all my devices and backs everything up running it out of space so I need to address this. I may nix Time Capsule and back up the Mac Mini to the cloud base DropBox.

Sorry for the long answer but hope this helps someone in the process as if you don’t backup, it will hurt at some point.
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