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Thanks Dan!

Yup - I've definitely read your review...more than once.

I value your opinion BIG TIME -

Good point on the age of the Yggy...Gen 5 USB makes a big difference from what I read.

I've read a lot of folks saying the Gumby is smoother (and likely less detailed) than the Yggy, but perhaps much of that is coming from older units.

This hobby is a little nuts that way. I'm not super concerned about the cost difference...just very wary of introducing any brightness even at the expense of less detail if that's what it takes.

One other question - do you notice a significant difference in when your Yggy is powered on for several days vs. say a 30 minute warmup, or is that overblown on the web as well.

I have an unhealthy aversion to leaving electronics on 24/7, so that was a concern I had as well.

Originally Posted by jdandy View Post
Jason.......This YouTube review was posted in October, 2017. The reviewer states the Yggdrasil he is using was purchased from a previous owner. This leads me to believe this is an original version Yggdrasil and not the new Analog 2 version of the Yggdrasil DAC with the Gen 5 USB upgrade and latest firmware update that began shipping in late October 2017. For your reference, the newest Schiit Yggdrasil DAC with the Analog 2 and gen 5 USB upgrades are designated with a serial number that begins with the letter "B". The older Yggdrasil serial numbers begin with the letter "A".

The comments about the original Yggdrasil DAC sounding bright are typical of those who used the USB output. From what I have read, those who used the SPDIF outputs of the Yggy had no issues with any brightness. Schiit addressed the USB issue with the latest Gen 5 USB input and firmware updates. I can attest to the excellent performance of new Yggdrasil Analog 2 version with the Gen 5 USB upgrade. There is absolutely no harshness, brightness, or analytical nature whatsoever with the newest Yggdrasil. It's sound is rich, organic and as smooth as silk. If you have not already read my Schiit Audio Yggdrasil Review you may find it quite interesting. The Analog 2 and Gen 5 USB upgrades in conjunction with the latest firmware updates puts the newest Yggdrasil DAC into an entirely new league. Don't let this YouTube review of an original Yggy DAC influence your opinion of the latest Yggdrasil DAC.
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