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All, I've been having a similar debate on which new DAC to add to my main rig. Either the Gumby Miltibit, or the latest Yggy.

Universally, it is easy to say get the "better" one, which I usually agree with.

My concern in the Yggy vs Gumby debate is I've found multiple sources that claim the Gumby and Yggy are almost voiced differently (whether intentional or not). More specifically, I hear that the Gumby is warmer. Less detailed than the Yggy (perhaps a bit more smeared)...but definitely a warmer presentation.

I like a warmer sound (over an analytical sound). I have battled brightness in my system and have often erred on the side of warm components.

Here is a video comparing the Yggy and Gumby where this point is made in detail:

So to sum up my thought - I'm not asking for what is "better" as that is subjective - can anyone comment if the Gumby really is smoother and warmer than the Yggy (and possibly more "luscious" or tube-like as a result?
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