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Cardas makes a nice cable. They actually sell the wire to many major brands. I personally like the Audioquest cables. I just switched from the AQ Niagara balanced interconnect to the AQ WEL as an older pair that was rarely used fell into my lap. What a difference. It just gets out of the way better than anything I've ever auditioned. It was a holy cow moment in my system. The Vandersteen Quatro's (new ) are just starting to settle in. They kept getting incrementally better up to over 1k hours on it. Crazy to think, but that's what happens when you use silver wire and components that havce solid silver leads. That's one reason that AQ actually burns in all their silver capacitors for their Niagara 7000/5000/1000 units.

I have found that there are only a few cables that I like with Ayre as many have sounded way too sterile for my tastes.
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