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I am impressed at all the great advice you have received. I am very sorry you have not been satisfied with your new amplifier.
This hobby of ours is fickle. I too have been burned making an “upgrade “ only to find it was either a lateral move or had an unintended consequence. Even a better amp from the same manufacturer may not be without a price.

I sense your reticence to make a change which may or may not get you for what you are looking. Not to mention the $$$. My personal dilemma was that every time I listened to my rig I couldn’t help but only hear what I was missing and not enjoying what was better. This only fed my incessant upgraditis.

I do hear your loathing to use tone controls since it really doesn’t do what you want it to do.

My personal experience was to spend time listening to the music and not the system. After a few weeks of nonaudiophile time you may rediscover what you loved about this hobby all along. It is all too easy to get jaded. It’s all part of the experience unfortunately.


Mike S.
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