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Originally Posted by Pampero View Post
Place needs some decorating, but the basics are coming together.

Oh my! You're even bigger than you look!

Mighty beasts slink away in your commanding presence!

It's not clear in the photos, but at the moment, every component has its own circuit. That will change as components are added, but there's enough now to support what I have and more can be added as needed.

Compared to most folks here, my system is obviously very simple. It will remain that way for now as I'm happy with what I have but I'll have to see how the Salons take to the room. Treatment is always an option. I'm all digital now, and next thing is to organize streaming.
I'm embarrassed to say I haven't addressed the cabling, but honestly, I've just been enjoying the music.
Thanks for the pics. the speakers are awesome and the room very cool
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