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Originally Posted by robd2 View Post
Is the equipment listed in your signature correct? If so your problem probably has more to do with the fact that you have audiophile speakers but home theater electronics.
The Rotel piece is in a separate room. But yes, MX122 and MC8207 are home theater electronics, and the Sonus Faber too is considered part of a "multichannel system" by their own classification. When the MX160 replacement comes out I'll be upgrading.

Some of the music I like is recorded bright. It doesn't sound bright in a car, but in high end audio it is. One difference is that it's slightly brighter in my system than the dedicated 2 channels that easily cost triple the price, but the real problem is the harshness I'm hearing in the treble.

When I'm standing near the nook/cove talking to my Masterset guy there is an extreme echo and I'm only 12 feet away from him.

The 2 small absorption panels took some of the treble down, and they were 2x4 each so it wasn't a lot of treatment for a huge room but they made a huge difference. He only had 2 2'x4' absorption panels and 4 2'x4' bass traps with him, but it was perfect for a proof of concept. Also considering that the bass traps recovered more bass and brought out more mids the system seemed more balanced so it nearly cured the problem with about half the treatments. I was impressed that it could do so much with so few panels, my Master Set guy was expecting more change than what he heard.

Also my cables have a harshness in them too which I've learned from cable demos with Nordost. Nordost IC cables have more detail in the highs without making it brighter, if anything it's smoother and less harsh in the upper frequencies. I'm borrowing a loaner set of Analysis Plus speaker cables which are considerably less harsh than than my Blue Jeans cable, but I got to demo some Nordost yesterday too and while it's a tad brighter than Analysis Plus, Nordost is more clear, and less harsh.

I ended up ordering a full loom of Nordost. It should come in 2 weeks.
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