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I had a demo today. My Masterset speaker guy came in for adjustments, and he brought some art novion panels with him.

Within seconds he noticed something was wrong. Someone disconnected the right speaker and reconnected it backwards out of phase.

He got rid of some of the harsh treble, but he admits most of the music I like is recorded too bright. When he was happy releveling the speaker so the tweeter had a better aim, we then tested with absorption panels and bass traps.

Absorption panels reduced the glaring highs and allowed me to hear more detail. It didn't do much, but it was a clear step in the right direction.

Then he put in 4 small 4x2 bass traps in different corners up front. I noticed it was better, but he felt like it was a full octave deeper. Too me the bass line was more pronounced, more balanced with the song. It also brought out the mids, which improved the vocalists voice tone, and the melody of the song was now louder.
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