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Originally Posted by Whart View Post
Saint: it is the Emotion model, which is not the priciest in his line. We swapped out interconnects and speaker cable first (I run long interconnects and relatively short speaker cables, but the speaker cables had to be fashioned to run to the midhorn on the AvGarde Duo, with jumpers to the tweeter and to the woofer box). (I'm pretty sure I was running some pretty good Cardas stuff before that, on the recommendation of Jim Smith, who handled AvG at the time). At a later session, we gradually swapped out power cords, starting with the amps and line stage, then the phono stage, and finally, even to the powered woofers. I was somewhat sceptical that the power cord changes would make as much difference as they did, but, the changes were evident and, for the better.
There is a known synergy between the Lamm ML 2 and the AvG Duos and I'm quite happy with the midrange, after decades of using Quad electrostats. I've never been entirely happy with bass integration, but that has more to do with using dynamic woofers powered by a solid state amp in combination with horns and SET.
I've had these cables now, probably 5 years? Not high on my list of changes. Next step will be to get my L2 repaired, it started humming, both 60 hz through the system, and a nasty mechanical transformer buzz if you got near the power supply. I'm also gonna swap out phono stages very soon. What phono do you use with the L2? And if you want more info re the L2, i'm glad to oblige- it made the Steelhead much more tolerable to me- with the L2 out of the system awaiting repair, I now know the Steelhead has got to go.
Thx for the input. I think I'm gonna put them on a short list of cables to audition.
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