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Originally Posted by damacman View Post
I concur. Do your Tritons have the ability to bi-wire while separating inputs for the woofer and the rest of the speaker? If so, you can use separate output taps of the MC302 for each, based on your listening preferences.
The Triton References are not bi wire-able or bi amp-able. They use a 54 bit DSP crossover for the powered bass units then to a conventional crossover for the 2 midranges/midbass and tweeter. I wonder if changing the cable between the preamp and amp to something slightly more lively may take care of it. The cables I am using now (Groneberg Quattro Reference, $350.00 USD) are slightly on the warm side of neutral. I hesitate because I don't want to spend a lot on another cable and a livelier cable may make the fantastic bass suffer.

I kicked up the treble 3 then 4 notches and although it was slightly better, I didn't care for the presentation. The treble control works @ 10K, I believe I need to adjust something a bit lower.
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