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Thank you, yep I am thinking my DLP 73 Mitsubishi is still not only working great, but to be honest I went and got a top end LG in led/lcd and it was not near as nice as the DLP set. The LG went back

Sure the DLP's take up a little less space etc, but that is not an issue. So sad to see Mitsubishi drop out of the TV world, they had partnered with NEC whom has always made one of the best PC LCD's you can buy. They did briefly even make a non dlp set that i think was LCD and it was very nice too.

Does seem to me that the OLED is the best of the best and hope to seem them drop the price 40-50% in a year or 2. the 4k think and 3d hmmm well I just would like a nice 85" or so set, heck even up to a 100" if I can swing the cost.

thank you
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