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Originally Posted by Quiquese View Post
As you solved the problem your reader Cd Plinius 101 ?.
I also have this CD player and begins to fail the lens.
I also live in Spain, which dealer gave you the high price?
Thanks in advance.
I am not sure if your question is directed to me, but I live in spain and I have had the problem you describe with my CD-101.
I had mine fixed through Audio Studio Roma in Barcelona. I ended up paying 250 for a replacement "PC" optical element.

I have a question for you, and everybody who own the same CD player, do you experience listening fatigue during listening sessions at higher volume levels?
I quickly suffer listening fatigue when listening to rock at "realistic" levels. I was blaming my easily improvable cablel (my mains are the ones that came with the components), but now I have found a review stating the CD -101 is prone to listening fatigue, which makes me rather nervous.
Plinius 9200 and CD-101, Dynaudio Focus 220
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