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Originally Posted by Jbags View Post
Thank you for the info man. Sounds like a pretty sick set up. You loving the Stillpoints rack?
Life is good. Life is definitely good.

One of the better audio-related expenditures Iíve made in recent years.

Beautifully made ó it is one of the reasons my wife finally let the stereo into the living room!

Steve Z
Teres turntable, VPI rim-drive, SDS, JMW 12.5 arms, Dynavector XV1-S & Helikon mono; Zenith STD MK 2, Vivaldi DAC & Upsampler Plus, Playback Designs Pinot ADC. DíAgostino Momentum S250 amp, Momentum preamp, Momentum phono, Sonus Faber Aidas in gorgeous graphite. Shunyata Triton v3 & Typhon QR, Sigma NR, Alpha NR cords and cables, Stillpoints ESS grid system rack, Ultras . . . and music!
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