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Default Breitling Navitimer

Originally Posted by The Lost Bears View Post
Cohibaman, that is a really nice watch. I would have never dreamed it cost only $400. I am definitely learning a lot here. So you are paying quite a bit for the case work and the name.

The only wristwatch brand I have owned is Rolex. I bought my Submariner used back in the early 1980's for $300. which was a fortune to me at that time. Though I do also own a few antique pocket watches.

Thanks! I reluctantly bought it off of eBay, but for $400, I wasnít too worried. I put it on my watch timer and it is running at +5 seconds per day (average of all positions) and can easily be adjusted if I want to. A testament to the quality of the 7750 movement. It turned out to be a great purchase.

True, you are paying for the Breitling name and their casework, but thatís not necessarily a bad thing. Breitling does really nice work on their design, cases, and bracelets. Also, they may be modifying the movement making it even better than a stock 7750.

If you like the design, functions, size, and quality of the case/dial, etc, I would go for it. Itís got a great engine inside!

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