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I thought I'd report back in on this thread. I've decided that the Gold Lion GZ34 rectifier tubes will remain in both my LS100 and PS 9.9. I've heard others state that they don't pair well with the Sophias and sound too harsh when combined with them but I'm not hearing that. I am hearing better, tighter bass, increased dynamics, and a cleaner high frequency presentation. My system and speakers do lean a bit to the warm side, so perhaps in a more bright system this pairing might be overpowering, but I really like the change in what I'm hearing and think it's for the better. The Mullards do have a more lush midrange, but it's minor relative to the other improvements I'm hearing.

Down the road I will still try out some of the Psvane 6SN7s in place of the Sophias but for now I'll enjoy what I have as I really like how it sounds!
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