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Default Sonos Faber with Sonos "Amp"

I took advantage of the email from Sonos to upgrade my old Sonos connect amp.(55 watts into 8 ohms) to the new "amp" (125 watts into 8 ohms or 200 watts into 4 ohms). This is being used with my Sonos Faber Guarneri Mementos in my Naples place. I decided to move the the system into a smaller dedicated listening room and I added the Sonos sub. . I am streaming tidal in this system and I am surprised just how good this little amp. sounds with the Sonos wireless sub. . Lets be honest this is more of system for casual listening then a "hi end" system but overall sounds much better then the older connect amp. alone. Listening to the new amp. without the sub. does sound better, plays louder at a lower volume setting as expected but still lacks bottom end compared to when I had my Mcintosh MC207 connected in my HT in Pennsylvania. The room here is much brighter due to hard wood floors(rug added) and one wall of sliding glass doors on the right side. The new amp. also has a HDMI input for audio . I plan to try this with my Sony Tv later to create a phantom center and ad rear surround speakers for a 4.1 HT set up. I am not expecting this to rival my HT system in Pennsylvania but rather want to see what kind of sound I can get with this little wireless HT system ie something my wife can control. My wife never turns the HT system on in Pennsylvania as she feels its too complicated . I will report back later. In another room I have the Sonos playbar wall mounted under a Sony 75 inch tv , I had the Sonos Faber GM in there at first with sub. but the room is really too big for monitor speakers .
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