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Originally Posted by nirodha35 View Post
Hi there,
I don't know if we ever contacted in the past (maybe whatsbest-forum)? I believe you are the Elrod master :-). I have been playing with the Elrod Statement Gold for years (only power cables) and am now considering to upgrade. My loudspeaker cables are top MIT (MA-X2) and I am also thinking about changing them with Elrods. I have a few questions. Have you ever heard the Master Diamond range and how do they differ from the Gold? Is the impact of the loudspeaker cables / interlinks / jumpers as big as power cables? Thank you for answering :-) A fellow Elrod fan.
Yes,..we did communicate on another venue. Great to hear from you here! Cannot say the word master applies but happy to help! [emoji16]

I have Statement Gold speaker cables and interconnects and a few SG powercords. I honestly did not think i would find anything i liked more, then picked up 1 pair of Diamond XLRs for the key connection point in my system. All i can say is wow,...everything i loved about the SG XLR was magnified and even more natural sounding with Diamond, now several years old. Same with the Diamond powercords but the double body weight, size and higher price did not allow me the ability to spring for more Diamonds...

Glad I waited as I know have 4 Masters Series Statement Gold Powercords and I WILL complete the upgrade of all pcs to Master Series Statement Gold, only wish i could afford MS Diamond. The Master Series iterally dropped my jaw when i added them to drive my TRITON V3 and thus entire system and also my Esoteric separates specifically upgrading from SG level as ( this has not happened all that often) the Masters Series were literally a component level upgrade and I thought i had upgraded my transport, dac and preamp from 5 year old gear to the latest generation, and only from a powercord upgrade! Better EVERYTHING, imaging, staging, dynamics, perfect instrument and voice tonality, etc...

BTW, i had a similar experience with every Shunyata component I have added to the system, TRITON V3, TYPHON QR, all Shunyata SIGMA digital cables!

This combination lets me hear music, less talk about fancy audiophile words and a lot more enjoyment, also not so obsessed about my separates being over 5 years old...

The Elrod analog cables and speaker cables are equally impressive and i was able to hear Masters Series but cannot get there for some time.

In the meantime i am also running a pair of Shunyata SIGMA XLRs and a long run of Anaconda Zitron XLR that has been KPIP'ed (only pair I know of that can claim that...). These are so damned good and at a much more reasonable price that I frankly am reevaluating my future plans in order to utilize more in the system..

Hope this helps...send me phone #...happy to talk more specifically about Elrod and Shunyata any time.

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