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Originally Posted by Charles View Post
There's a truly beautiful MR 71 on Ebay for 850 dollars. It looks fully restored. If I were a tuner aficionado (which I am not) I would buy this piece. Also, I don't have an analog input on my preamp (D1100). I have always had a tuner and the D1100 necessitated I buy the MR 87. Now that I have, I'm really glad I did. But this is a beautiful piece for 850 dollars. The 71 is beautiful and I'm sure it sounds as good as it looks. It's taken Mac a long time to return to the classic tuning dial of the MR 71. Mac had such a beautiful tuning dial in their vintage tuners before the 80. Then they abandoned it only to resume it in the 87 about 40 years later. To me a tuning dial makes a tuner.

Dumb question: What is "SQ"?

I am retired and do a lot of late night listening in my man cave which is totally isolated from the sleepers in the house. It's my favorite time to listen and I arise in the morning when I feel like it. Right now I'm enjoying the Saens organ symphony through the 87. It's actually quite good.
Charles - shortly ago, I came across a very nice Sansui TU-9900 which I had serviced and aligned. I've really enjoyed my time with it thus far. I also have an equally nice Kenwood KT-8300 sitting on the sidelines at the moment - also the MR75's peer in tuning, but not in SQ - Sound Quality.

You've definitely piqued my interest in the MR87.
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