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Originally Posted by audio bill View Post
If RCD is using the Bluesound's digital output it does provide MQA Core decoding even if the Marantz doesn't support MQA.
I have digi coax and optical running from the Node 2i into the SA-10 and even RCA outputs to let the Node do the rendering.

I did a little of listening with both the optical & digi coax into the SA-10 along with the RCA output of the Node2i. With the Nodes DAC it seemed to of lose all the low end and the soundstage narrow even though I think with the digital outputs of the Node you are limited to 96k?

I've run my Sonos Connect, NA-11S1 and MacBook into the SA-10. I am able to get 384K with the Mac into the SA-10s USB input, but I usually don't feel like plugging in the Mac with a long USB cable.

I even messed around with the Audiquest USB DAC for MQA out of my Mac. Not that it was a bad option to go analog from that into my PM-10 I had, but found I rather either stream something into the SA-10s digital inputs if I didn't use the USB input from the Mac. I'm at the point where I prefer less cables, less adapters.

I was totally into MQA about a year ago and took the summer off not really listening to much music. Now that the colder part of the year is back time to refresh my memory and see what's new.

Prior to picking up an SA-10 I did the same with the NA-11S1, but now I have the SA-10 I don't use the NA-11S1 even though it's a wonderful option if you don't want to spend $7K on a disc spinner!

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