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Default Should I rearrange the four subwoofers?

Originally Posted by Grasshopper View Post
I think stacked subs sound good in theory, but in reality I’d worry about possible phase cancellations when two independent subs are stacked vs one Gotham which is controlled with one integrated crossover etc.

True... hence my CR-1 recommendation. Also,
This is a direct quote from my discussions with Barry about dual subs and placement advice.

“Then again, someone with 2 subs has the options mentioned; you can put them in 2 good places; you can put them in 1 good place next to each other, (in which case they will sum 6 dB on paper and 5 dB in real life) or you can put them in 1 good place, one on top of the other; this is the magic of the JL F212 and Gotham G213. The 2nd driver is far enough off the floor to have different modal coupling to the room. The lower driver will play the planets-blowing-up LFE noises (say, 20-50 Hz) better into the room, while the driver that's 15-18" higher will play the 30-90 MUSICAL bass better into your chest and stomach; this is where the bass focus and slam comes from.

It is this higher freq area that when matched up with the mains at close to the XO region must be timed correctly to give you the desired sharp impulse response. If XO at 90, all we really care about is 85-95.

Further away from the XO freq the sub's phase shifts farther, but we don't care about that since it won't cancel because the levels are too different. With a 24 dB/octave XO every musical note is 2 dB different.

So that shows you your initial options with 2 subs.”
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