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Originally Posted by Rex Anderson View Post
Forgot to mention the Benchmark AHB2

Get two, run them bridged mono. 480W into 6 ohms.

Only $2,995 each.
Originally Posted by ChrisMag View Post
I had a chance to listen to the JC5 for a few hours this weekend. My local dealer is the first in the US to get one - the rest went to reviewers. Compared to the A21 which we A/B'd, it's a major step up in clarity, bass control, high frequency refinement and overall detail. The same dealer as D'Agostino M400 monos and Theta Citadels monos and the JC5 compared favorably. The M400s are really special but for 1/10th the price, the JC5 really does a great job. The dealer opined that the JC5 was a refinement of the JC1s in terms of sound quality.

I would not be surprised if the JC1s see an update in the next year or two based on the JC5's design. I'm told it was a 4-year project for John Curl, Richard Schram and the rest of the team.

I put down my $$$$ for the JC5 which is shipping in June.
Congrats! Looks like a fine amp. Are you going single or two?
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