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Originally Posted by Chewie View Post
Thanks for the feedback Greg - have you heard both amps then? What differences did you note between them? Did you try the M-700U in mono mode in the comparison by any chance?
Hi Chewie - the M-900u was king for sure. More bass, more control and more defined and holographic soundstage. I’m sure the C-900 preamp had something to do with it. I have not heard the 700s in mono configuration.

My guess is that if you got the C-700u, you might think in the future “what am I missing”?

I know from my viewpoint, if I was starting over I’d bite the bullet and go for the M-900u. It’s a really, really great amp. Not sure what it sells for across the pond but here in the US, with a $15,000 list price, I’m not much of anything else comes close.

Best of luck with your quest. The search is part of the fun!
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