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Hi imprezap2

I'm from Serbia, had recently KAS 600 at my home for auditioning. Well, for the first time I heard what was potential of Bowers Diamond 800...I can't agree more with SCAudiophile: it sounds sublime with any genre of music. And that control of woofers is scary :-) But I was even more impressed with delicacy of diamond tweeter...With any mos fet amp I tried 800 D's they sound way too bright. With Karan I experience music coming from them. Somehow sound is much more coherent. I don't know is it about topology of Karan amps or due transistor used but it's funny coincidence few of recommended amps are Classe and Electrocompaniet who also use BJT, not mosfets...

If you can grab them, don't hesitate. I couldn't afford new KAS 600 but I'm looking a pair of 2nd hand...

Good luck,

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