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Default Any experience with Karan Acoustics

Does anybody have some experience with Karan Acoustics amplifiers ?

I am having my eye on the KAL Reference mkIII pre-amp and KAM900 mono blocks.

It's a Servian manufacturer, I believe for 30 years already, the owner does not have his own website, sites are done by some dealers/importers.

from one of the websites:
Technical data:
* 16 ultra fast Sanken RET output power devices, with a total current capability of 320 Amperes;
* 8 stages of voltage regulation;
* Current feedback topology, with no overall feedback and with only 0.03% Intermediation distortion (IMD) at rated power output into 8 Ohms;
* Each channel uses two 1.000 VA low noise toroidal transformer and 132.000F of total capacitance;
* Frequency response DC-300kHz +0, -3 dB;
* S/N ratio better than -112 dB at rated output into 8 Ohms;
* Damping factor better than 10.000:1 into 8 Ohms, 20Hz…20kHz;
* Pink noise power output of 900W/1.440W/2.100W into 8/4/2 Ohms;
* Input sensitivity: 2V
* Dimensions 500x240x480 mm (19.7″x8.7″x26″) WxHxD
* Dimensions in box 640x360x570 mm WxHxD
* Net weight: 52 kg
* Btto weight: 64 kg each

One of the advantages of this amp is the phase shift, which is almost non existing (should match nicely with Magico speakers)
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