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Default DaveyF's system

My current system: Sonus Faber Guarneri Hommage, CAT Sig with rolled in NOS Mullards and NOS GE Longplates (customized chassis), Jeff Rowland custom model 8T with transimpedance mods and choke power supply ( customized by Jeff), ARC D70Mk2 with 6550 winged c's, Linn LP12 Radikal D with Tramp 2 and Kore, WTA custom 'Black' arm with VDH inner cabling and due weight system,Benz Ruby 2 ( soon to be replaced), Nordost Tyr phono and ic cable, Nordost Frey Speaker cable, Nordost Red Dawn 11 cable on tube amp, Grand Prix Monaco amp stands with Apex, Sound Anchor component stand, Philips CD80 as digital transport, EAD 7000Mk3 DAC, Highwire Digital cable, REL T5 Sub with REL Signal Speakon linc cable, Harmonix footers under all digital components. Real Traps Mondo and Mini Traps, Shakti Hallograph

SF GH's, Linn LP12Radikal D, Jeff Rowland custom 8T choke, ARCD70Mk2, CAT sig custom

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