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Originally Posted by Q3Di View Post
Has anyone used ML No 585 Integrated with the Salon2 or Studio2?
Does this Integrated have enough power for the Revel's?
There were plenty of 585s at Axpona including a room driving f208s with it but I didn't hear it with Salon 2s. I had the same question you did so I was very interested in hearing them together but I wasn't able to manage that at the show. Based on what I heard, I think the 585 has the ability to do the job but in the end I came to the conclusion that I would be better off with as much clean power as I was comfortable buying and ended up with a 452.

However, everyone connected with Revel and Levinson felt that the 585 would be a fine match. But I guess they would say that. I have to admit the idea appealed to me.
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