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Default Modwright "Elyse" DAC - RMAF 2013

Did any Modwright fans get a chance to listen to the new tube DAC? I had to skip the RMAF due to last minute conflicts but I did inquire about the new DAC. It looks like a first half of 2014 release for a "full service" stand-alone tube DAC. I wish I had better recollection of the specs but think it will have AES/EBU, USB, coax digital, and bnc digital inputs, no toslink and XLR and RCA output. I have a feeling it will be a true balanced output, not just a "convenience XLR" output. The design is considering a volume control (may be a configuration option or standard). I don't know what DAC chip its. Any other info "on the street" or listening impressions from the RMAF attendees? I have a KWI-200 and would like to get a LS100 (w/phono) and maybe this DAC. If it has a volume control, maybe not a LS100. Apparently there was a new phono stage as well called "Black".
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